EU VAT Refund claims post 29 March 2019 may be more difficult

It is anticipated that, post 29 March 2019, UK businesses will experience significant difficulties in submitting an EU VAT refund claim under the 8th Directive procedure.  Currently, an EU business that incurs VAT on certain business costs in another member … Continue reading

UK Government Grant funding for Customs procedures training for intermediaries and businesses

In 2018, the UK Government announced £2M of grant funding had been allocated to providing Customs training to intermediaries and businesses that currently trade in goods with the EU.  The intention of this funding is to expand business capacity as … Continue reading

HMRC announces interim Transitional Simplified Procedures for Customs

In a move to ease business fears over a no-deal Brexit, HMRC have  announced an EU trade simplification which goes further than its initial proposal on ‘postponed Import VAT accounting’ – which would have seen import VAT deferred for all … Continue reading

Are the proposals for aligning tax and employment right rules due to be issued shortly?

On 4 February 2019 an agreement between the GMB and Hermes was announced, offering Hermes courier drivers a minimum level of pay across the year at a rate above the national minimum wage, and 28 days holiday. While it is … Continue reading

Increased complexity for input VAT recovery of an EU branch of an overseas EU company

The CJEU decision in Morgan Stanley has clarified how EU branches should be recovering input VAT on costs incurred in providing services to their overseas European head offices.  Unfortunately it is likely to make the VAT compliance process in each … Continue reading

Provision of management services must be a ‘business’ to justify input VAT recovery on associated costs

The First tier Tribunal has held that in order to demonstrate that the supply of management services is an economic activity justifying input VAT recovery on associated costs, there should be an absence of contingency around the arrangements.  Evidence to … Continue reading

Care required in treating a business transfer with leases as a TOGC

A recent CJEU case from Romanian concerning the transfer of a restaurant premises where the transferee continued the restaurant business, may have relevance for the way TOGC’s (transfers of a going concern) are treated for VAT in the UK where … Continue reading

Extent of double taxation in a business trading partnership interests

The second Upper Tribunal (UT) decision in the Investec partnership trading case has held that in a case where separate accounts were prepared for a partnership and a business trading interests in that partnership, a capital distribution from a partnership … Continue reading

Corporation tax deduction on option exercises impacted by method of settling employment tax

We have become aware of a developing issue regarding the CT deduction on share option exercises, which could mean that some companies have over-claimed this relief.  This note only relates to CT and does not impact the income tax treatment … Continue reading

Nudging HMRC to be more transparent with its nudge letters

In recent months, HMRC’s Risk and Intelligence Service (RIS) has once again issued “nudge” letters to individuals who HMRC believes have offshore income and gains that could be liable to UK tax. The “nudge” letters we have seen were issued … Continue reading