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A tax adviser solves complicated tax issues, he does research and puts it on paper. The challenge is putting the advice to work. By communicating the advice properly, by keeping an eye on the interests of the parties involved and by keeping matters organised a solid advice can create new opportunities for your client.

I love travelling and I respect the differences in people, cultures and landscapes. I also recognize these differences in my work. No day is the same and every advice demands a different approach. It is important to apply an internationally oriented and personal approach. That’s what makes it so varied and challenging.


I have been working at Mazars as a tax adviser since 2002. In that capacity I’m active in the fields of employment tax and global mobility services. I offer tax advice to businesses and persons who work across the border. They include HR managers, CSOs, controllers, CFOs and payroll compliance officers. I specialise in:

  • Cross-border employment advice, including setup and review of expat policies, work permit applications, gross-net calculations and employment contract support
  • International tax planning, social security, salary splits
  • International compliance (payroll, income tax returns)
  • Chain liability, G-account, and prevention of tax and social security liability, penalties for illegal employment when working with subcontractors and temporary work agencies (WKA)
  • Taxation of employee benefit ( ‘WKR’ or ‘werkkostenregeling’)
  • Tax audits, negotiations with the Dutch tax administration and tax control frameworks

Additional positions

Key to success is sharing. Therefore I like to share my knowledge and expertise in global mobility and employment taxes as much as possible, the reason why I often hold lectures at internal and external events. Are you looking for a speaker about employment tax, payroll tax, social security or international challenges in global mobility? Please contact Mazars University by e-mail ( or by telephone: +31 (0)88 277 12 34.

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