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Reporting against the Value for Money Standard

Value for Money Strategy The RSH published its revised VFM Standard in April 2018. Within their 2017/18 financial statements, registered providers (RPs) were simply required to include the sector scorecard suite of metrics; however, for the 2018/19 financial statements it’s likely that the Regulator will look to establish whether there is full compliance with all reporting requirements of the VFM …

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VAT Blog

The VAT Reverse Charge

Many social housing providers are moving towards carrying out their own development. Where this is part of the overall aims of the RP (i.e. the houses are being built for its own stock, or upgrades being carried out on the existing stock), then they will qualify for end user status and the VAT will be charged by, and paid by …

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Information Governance

Information Governance in the Social Housing Sector

What is it? Information Governance refers to the framework through which data is owned, managed and utilised, and focuses on the many aspects of data and information management. It provides transparency and control around where data is stored, how is it used, its purpose, who owns it, and how it is updated to keep it accurate, relevant and reliable. The …

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LGPS Pension Update

In the last couple of weeks there have been some developments concerning Local Government Pension Schemes (LGPS) that will have an impact on all organisations that employ staff who are members of those schemes; the quantum being dependent on the level of LGPS involvement, the actuarial assumptions used and other factors. These concern a judgement in the McCloud Pension Case …

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Climate Change

How are RPs preparing to meet the challenge of climate change?

According to the Housing 2050 report published by Sustainable Homes earlier this year, they aren’t. Sustainable Homes is a leading provider of sustainability disclosure, consultancy and research in relation to the long term sustainability of housing in the social housing space. Social housing properties, accounting for roughly 17% of all homes in the UK, bear a significant responsibility in the …

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A summary of our latest Governance Forum

The most recent Governance Forum took place on 10 May at our London office, and was the first of two planned for 2019. The Forum was established over two and a half years ago for our government-sponsored clients to promote good governance, share best practice by facilitating dialogue, debate and sharing ideas amongst peers. The next event is scheduled for …

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Upcoming Accounting Changes in Social Housing

Are you ready for the forthcoming changes in social housing financial reporting? Vincent Marke, National Head of Housing at Mazars, provides a summary of accounting changes in the social housing sector with an updated SORP, Accounting Direction, and changes to SHPS accounting.   The Basis of the Changes in Accounting Framework Following the FRC’s “Amendments to FRS 102 The Financial …

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