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Trends in the consumer sector are moving at a faster pace than ever. The shifting geopolitical landscape is influencing supply chain behaviours, and tough economic conditions following the pandemic are transforming consumer behaviour. Additionally, the ongoing trends of shrinking operating...

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2022 US Food & beverage industry outlook

We are pleased to announce the launch of the 2022 US food & beverage industry outlook. The 2022 survey found continued shifts toward health and wellness, increased investment in supply chain improvement, and introducing new products to the marketplace. In addition to the survey results, this year’s Outlook also includes valuable perspective from food and beverage leaders, who discuss industry trends, what 2022’s M&A landscape will look like, and how companies can manage inflation costs.

Chinese consumers in 2021: how priorities in lifestyle consumption are changing

China’s consumer market, second only to the US, is key to both domestic and international brands. While the buying behaviours of consumers in China have been well-documented, more recent shifts in consumer preferences in the wake of Covid-19 are less well-known. Our new study ‘Chinese consumers in 2021: how priorities in lifestyle consumption are changing’ seeks to investigate trends in buying behaviour that show a shift away from material goods towards more experiential spending.

Conscious, collaborative, connected: making over the luxury business model

The luxury sector has always prided itself on offering consumers a chance to own pieces that are timeless and whose value and appeal will endure. But that doesn’t mean the way it produces and sells them should stay constant too. The luxury sector is at a crossroads and brands that carry on doing what they have always done risk falling behind. Our report, 'Conscious, collaborative, connected' explains why.