Restructuring Private Finance Initiatives and Public-Private Partnerships – part 1: causes of distress

Private Finance Initiatives (PFI) and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) have come under increased scrutiny in recent years after a rising number of defaults. In part one of this two-part series, we examine five major risk factors causing distress, while in part...

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Sustainable finance policy tracker

Financial services organisations around the world are rethinking how they work in order to better embed sustainability into their business models. While regulation is fast developing, there is still a lack of consistency in the methods used and the extent of the commitments. To better understand how different countries are mitigating climate risks in their financial sectors, we are proud to partner with OMFIF on the ‘Sustainable finance policy tracker’.

Podcast: Let’s talk sustainability

'Let’s talk sustainability' is the Mazars podcast series that explores the evolving sustainability landscape for business. In each episode, we hear from experts on a range of environmental, social and governance issues, as they share best practices for building solid sustainability strategies and identify varied and valuable opportunities for business.

Carbon neutrality: the ultimate goal

Business leaders are unsure of how to go carbon neutral and uncertain of the opportunities if they do, according to a recent Mazars survey. Marking its release, Mathieu Mougard, Partner, discusses what’s stopping business leaders from going further and why the private sector has to take the necessary steps to reduce the global carbon footprint.