Addressing cyber threats for critical infrastructure

Recent cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure, such as the ransomware attack on the US Colonial Pipeline which forced the largest fuel pipeline in the country to shut down its operations for several days, should serve as a warning of vulnerabilities faced...

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How to close the sustainable infrastructure gap

Infrastructure is of paramount importance to global economic development and sustainability. It underpins access to essential goods and services and will enable vulnerable countries to adapt to weather-related risks from climate change.

Carbon neutrality: the ultimate goal

Business leaders are unsure of how to go carbon neutral and uncertain of the opportunities if they do, according to a recent Mazars survey. Marking its release, Mathieu Mougard, Partner, discusses what’s stopping business leaders from going further and why the private sector has to take the necessary steps to reduce the global carbon footprint.

Smart buildings that benefit the city, people and the environment

While there is a consensus about the smart building concept, there are still challenges to overcome if tomorrow’s buildings are enhanced to benefit the environment, cities and people. Starting with their design and throughout their useful lives, buildings have a huge impact on the environment and the quality of life of their users. So how can we end decades of polluting practices?

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