Regulation and Sustainability: Five questions, answered

Regulation and Sustainability: Five questions, answered

Mon 04 Mar 2019

Regulation can be a powerful force in driving sustainable practices amongst businesses – from corporate reporting to mandatory action. But what are the right metrics for sustainability and who should be responsible for tracking them?

The response to these questions may be different based on geography, sector and market segment. As demand for sustainability grows from a diverse array of players, global regulators are divided on how to keep up.

Most sustainability-based regulations are not shared internationally, meaning each country has different standards. In such a dynamic landscape, there are five questions set to shape the conversation over the coming months:

1. Who is pushing for the incorporation of sustainability into business operations and ESG reporting?

2. How to bridge the SDG funding gap?

3. How to balance government incentives with regulatory action?

4. Where are companies positioned in the push towards sustainability regulation?

5. How will regulation impact companies during their path to sustainable growth?

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