Private Finance Initiatives and Public-Private Partnerships: managing project handbacks

Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), also known as Private Finance Initiatives (PFI) in the UK, have become a solution to a gap in public investment derived from natural budgetary constraints worldwide. This model is based upon joint working and risk sharing and...

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Does the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act put sustainability in US law?

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) was signed into law by President Joe Biden on November 15, 2021. Commonly referred to as the bipartisan infrastructure bill, it provides a once-in-a-generation investment in infrastructure over the coming five years. Considering the bill from a sustainability perspective, we find that many of its provisions address at least one of the three dimensions of environment, social and economic.

Mazars 2021 US Water Industry Outlook

The 2021 US Water Industry Outlook is based on a 26-question survey that was conducted in 2020/2021. This captured the perspectives of different stakeholders, including water and wastewater systems operators, procurement and other support for water and wastewater companies, government regulators and the investment community.

Sustainable finance policy tracker

Financial services organisations around the world are rethinking how they work in order to better embed sustainability into their business models. While regulation is fast developing, there is still a lack of consistency in the methods used and the extent of the commitments. To better understand how different countries are mitigating climate risks in their financial sectors, we are proud to partner with OMFIF on the ‘Sustainable finance policy tracker’.