Paul Winrow

Partner - Sustainability Reporting and Assurance - UK
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Paul focuses on Sustainability Reporting and Assurance. He leads our global ISSB Sustainability Disclosure Standards Committee and is a global Sustainability Assurance Methodology team member. He also provides technical support on non-financial reporting assurance.
He is actively involved in Audit Policy and Regulation, representing the firm externally.


Paul had 20 years of experience in public sector audit before moving into the Head of Audit Technical role in a top-six firm, before a secondment to their international office to develop a new global audit methodology. As Global Director of Professional Standards at a top 10 network, he overhauled the global quality program, developed another audit methodology and provided technical training and support. He was a Technical Partner and Ethics Partner at a top 15 UK audit firm before joining Mazars in 2022.

He is an active member of the profession, sitting on numerous working groups and committees both in the UK and internationally. He has also been a charity trustee and treasurer for ten years and was an Audit Committee member at a tertiary education college for six years. He was formerly a publicly elected governor of a hospital and a school.

Work Highlights

  • Having key roles in the development of the global audit methodologies at three top 10 global international accounting networks, firstly as one of a team of seven in a top six network, then as the global project leader in another top 10 network before forming part of the team at Mazars.
  • Leading the Global Professional Standards team at a top 10 accounting network where, in addition to developing the audit methodology, Paul led a complete overhaul of the global quality review program and provided technical support to firms around the world, including growing an international training course from around 25 European attendees to over 140 from across four continents.
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