Tax Avoidance – a Global Issue

Tax Avoidance – a Global Issue

Fri 13 Dec 2013

In the two weeks since the launch of Mazars response to the Tax Transparency debate we have received considerable interest from business, media and from non-government organisations (NGOs).

It is clear from our discussions with businesses ranging from global, brand market leaders to owner managers that the tax avoidance debate is impacting on more companies and individuals than anyone thought twelve months ago. At Mazars’ global partner conference in Berlin last week, “transparency” was identified as one of the key issues for business operating in a global market. Also, tax avoidance is replacing executive remuneration as the key business issue of public concern. What is interesting is understanding the global impact of the tax avoidance debate. It is clear that the UK seems to be leading in terms of impact on business but that some countries are not far behind, or could see the issue becoming a much larger one very soon. The key message was that, even if a business in a particular country does not yet see how the tax avoidance debate impacts on them, many could have subsidiaries, customers, suppliers, shareholders or stakeholders (including NGOs) in those countries where paying a “fair share” could impact on their profitability and / or reputational risk.


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