Vodafone and Tax Transparency

Vodafone and Tax Transparency

Wed 18 Dec 2013

Today Vodafone published its own “tax transparency” report. Channel 4 news has covered the story, quoting Richard Murphy describing it as “smoke and mirrors”. Other criticisms of the report are “selective PR” and a “long excuse for (poor) behaviour”. What all this highlights is that tax transparency is not just about disclosure but about making key decisions and articulating that to stakeholders in the best way (one of the key themes of Mazars’ response). Publishing a tax transparency report is clearly the way forward; many companies will learn from the process what information to share, how to share it and how to make strategic tax decisions based on it in light of key stakeholders. In the Mazars response to the debate, we focus on these challenges, helping a business to understand its (perceived) positioning on the spectrum. Read the Vodafone transparency report on their website.


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