Helping professional women return to work

Helping professional women return to work

Thu 25 Jan 2018

Mazars is participating in Women Returners Scotland’s return to work programme, offering two returnships for senior professional women who are interested in coming back to work in financial services after an extended career break. Angela Cooke, Diversity & Inclusion Senior Manager, explains:


One of our top priorities for achieving our 2020 vision is to provide a diverse and inclusive working environment where staff from all backgrounds are valued for who they are, and are given opportunities to fully realise their potential. At Mazars we pride ourselves on developing and nurturing talent, and the initiatives we have in place for current employees are designed to let them flourish, irrespective of their backgrounds.

That is why we’re excited about being part of a new initiative, a returnship programme coordinated by Women Returners Scotland. This is a programme which aims to support senior professional women with experience in financial services to return to work after an extended career break. Through this initiative, which is funded by the Scottish Government, we will be offering paid returnship opportunities in our Glasgow and Edinburgh offices, with positions in Tax and Accounting Services.

Recruiting from the widest possible talent pool will help Mazars meet its critical business need of increasing the proportion of women in its senior roles.  Return to work programmes provide a practical solution aimed at attracting this group of highly-qualified and experienced professionals who offer maturity and stability.  Being part of the Women Returners return to work programme in Scotland will enable Mazars to fuel its female talent pipeline at senior levels and reinforce its commitment to diversity and non-linear career paths.

Women who have had time out of the workplace often find that they are overlooked by recruiters and organisations due to the gap on their CVs.  Returnship programmes are designed to address the experience gap and provide another route to get talented senior women back into the workplace. Many women step out of the workforce at middle or senior management level, primarily, but not always, for caring reasons. The majority intend to return to work when these demands reduce, yet these individuals often find the route back into a senior roles difficult because of the gap of experience on their CV and a lack of opportunity to work flexibly. The returnship programme aims to give women returners an opportunity to be part of a business for three months, while receiving coaching and upskilling to rebuild technical skills and confidence while making a significant contribution to the business.

The programme is open to anyone with a relevant tax and/or financial accounting services background, who has been out of the workplace for more than 18 months. More information can be found on the websites linked to below, and any interested applicants should apply directly to the Edinburgh and Glasgow offices:

Apply to Edinburgh

Apply to Glasgow


The deadline to apply is Friday 2 February


Please click here for further information on the programme.

If you have questions on the programme itself please contact