Model audit related resources we recommend and intermediaries we frequently work with, include:

The FAST Standard we are founding signatories to the “FAST Standard”. We are strong advocates of FAST modelling as we find FAST models particularly easy to audit. This is the website of the FAST Standard Organisation and you can  download the FAST Standard here.

The ICAEW the Excel Community of the ICAEW (a leading chartered accountants institute)  provide helpful advice on financial modelling and we are currently supporting their initiative on “the 20 principles for good spreadsheet practice” which we believe may prove a milestone in helping to improve modelling standards in industry.

F1F9  we are pleased to recommend F1F9 for their adherence to the FAST standard when building models and their suite of comprehensive training including their free 31 day course which is a great place to start to learn financial modelling and the FAST methodology.

Clubfinancewe have reviewed over 200 operational models built by Clubfinance for PFI/PPP projects in the UK and their models (frequently with a Mazars sign off) are seen by many as the de facto standard for operational modelling in this market.

Rebelgroupwe frequently review models produced by Rebel for projects across the Benelux countries – they are fully compliant with the FAST standard and we therefore enjoy reviewing them! 

See-Through Modelling, if you are looking for a book on financial modelling, this book authored by Dominic Robertson is a great place to start, building as it does on many hard won lessons from the UK PFI industry. is the blogsite of the Mazars model audit team.

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