super sewer news

Thames Water has selected a preferred bidder to deliver the Thames Tideway Tunnel, also known as the ‘super sewer’. We are delighted to have acted as model auditors at bid stage on this landmark project. Our congratulations to Bazalgette Tunnel Limited and its shareholders: a consortium of investors comprising funds managed by Allianz, Amber Infrastructure Group, Dalmore Capital Limited and DIF. Continue reading

health check

We are sponsors of  the 2015 publication of the ICAEW’s Twenty Principles of Good Spreadsheet Practice (“the Principles”). At the launch event the benefits of using the Principles in practice was highlighted. For our part we have begun to use the framework offered by the Principles as a template against which we can advise our clients (our “Health Check”) and we have prepared a  brief case study which demonstrates the power of the Principles in practice. Continue reading

20 principles in practice

One year ago, the ICAEW first published its Twenty principles for good spreadsheet practice (the “Principles”), a follow up event is being held at the Chartered Accountants’ Hall in London on the 8 July 2015, featuring the practicalities of adopting the Principles within an organisation. They have also published a second edition of the Principles which we are delighted to sponsor. Continue reading

size matters

According to Wikipedia: “Risk identification and allocation is a key component of project finance.” When it comes to financial models, some of that risk is allocated to model auditors. Taken in isolation, is the size of liability cap offered or size of firm more important when considering which model audit firm is best placed to take this risk on? Continue reading