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Richard Karmel talks to Value CSR Founder Dwayne Baraka about the Reporting Framework and the business and human rights industry.

Below is a portion of the interview:

Human Rights Top Tips

Q. What are your top five tips for a company at the start of its human rights journey?

Define what human rights means to your company. Eg in the Extractive Industry this is likely to be around community and environmental impact, workplace health and safety, and security

Ensure that this journey is mandated by the main board. If the key directors aren’t convinced, nobody else will be.

Focus on your most high risk jurisdictions and industries. Ie. those jurisdictions and industries which have the potential to lead to the most severe negative impacts.

Read the rest of Richard’s interview on Dwayne’s blog.


Richard Karmel comments on the EIU Business and Human Rights surve

Published by The Economist Intelligence Unit, sponsored by WeiserMazars LLP and Mazars Group, the survey draws on two main sources for its research and findings.

It indicated that a large majority of executives (83%) believe that human rights is not only a central theme at government level but also a major topic of focus for businesses.

Upon its launch, Richard said: “Executives are now expecting a comprehensive framework to better implement their human rights policy. The launch of the UN Guiding Principles reporting framework is Mazars’ answer for both business and society.”

In the below video, he explains the findings of the survey and how respect for business and human rights has developed over the past decade.

Richard Karmel YouTube


Richard Karmel explains how a company can implement a human rights policy

By understanding human rights and reporting on it correctly, a company can build trust and engagement which in the long term can lead to greater profitability for its stakeholders.

In the below video, Richard explains why it is important for a company to implement a human rights policy; how it should be managed by the organisation; the benefits and also how to report on human rights performance.

How to implement a Human Rights Policy


The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Business and Human Rights survey, co-sponsored by Mazars.

As Global Head of Human Rights, Richard played the lead in Mazars’ co-sponsorship of the survey and the official press release was published by Business Wire.


Richard’s Guest Blogs

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre (BHRRC)

Why companies should use the UNGP Reporting Framework to demonstrate that they respect human rights

Business in the Community (BITC)

Building respect for human rights and business through regulation


Supply Chain Managers are integral for respect to business and human rights


Shift and Mazars Reporting Framework

First Comprehensive Guidance for Companies on Human Rights Reporting Launches in London.

Official Press Release – UNGP Reporting

Richard Karmel Reporting Framework image

CSR Wire

Richard Karmel CSR Wire

The UN Guiding Principles Reporting Framework is a groundbreaking new tool that helps companies report meaningfully on their human rights performance.  It is the first comprehensive guidance for companies to report on human rights issues in line with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. The Framework is available for free for everybody at

Richard Karmel has been at the forefront of Mazars’ involvement in the initiative with Shift.


Focus on corporate behaviour change, instead of a binding treaty on business & human rights, says partner at Mazars

Richard Karmel features on highly regarded Business and Human Rights Resource Centre website.

Mazars’ Global Head of Human Rights blogged about the Ecuadorian’s governments plans to introduce a binding treaty on human rights.

Please see the full article on the BHRRC website:


Assurance insights: Innovating in human rights assurance

Richard Karmel and Mazars has released the following document about the latest innovations in human rights assurances and reporting.

Richard is used as a thought-leader throughout.

Richard Karmel PDF of Mazars human rights assurance guide


Mining companies committed to UN human rights principles: study

New research released Monday indicates that listed mining and resources companies across the world are keen to comply with the UN’s Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, which were officially adopted one year ago, but must keep up the momentum in order to maintain public confidence in their efforts.

Richard Karmel, who leads Mazars’ human rights advisory practice in the UK, said “Human rights compliance should appear on the corporate governance agenda for all international corporations as a matter of course.  By correctly addressing the human rights agenda, a corporation demonstrates that it is listening to its work force, and creates a dialogue to enable an understanding of the issues workers face”.


Major International Project Launched to Develop Definitive Standards for Human Rights Reporting and Assurance

WeiserMazars LLP, a leading New York based audit, tax and consultancy firm and Mazars Group, one of the world’s largest international audit, tax and consulting organizations, together with Shift, a leading non-profit center on business and human rights, have today issued a ground-breaking discussion paper on the development of global standards for human rights reporting and assurance. They invite comments from all stakeholders over the next month.


Richard Karmel Webinar on Human Rights Best Practice 

Increasingly, global companies need to report on their human rights procedures. Using the mining industry as an example, this quick webinar guide with Mazars’ Richard Karmel runs through the key principles that corporations should address to ensure that human rights procedures are implemented within their company strategy.

Richard Karmel YouTube Webinar