Tax aspects of opening a business hub in Asia

Tax aspects of opening a business hub in Asia

Thu 01 Jul 2021

The Asian Development Bank has forecast that developing Asia’s growth is forecast to rebound to 7.3% in 2021 and 5.3% in 2022. This compares to 4.2% and 4.4% respectively for Europe (see here) and 6.9% and 3.6% for the US (see here). Businesses already with a footprint in the Asian region will be gearing up their operations to deal with the region’s expected growth, while those looking to establish themselves will be considering the most appropriate locations. 

There will be a range of factors to consider in how to expand in the Asian region, whether from an existing base or a new base.  In addition to the various business and regulatory challenges, one of the areas to consider will be tax.  Larger businesses will be familiar with considering transfer pricing and country by country reporting issues (see our summaries for the Asia Pacific region here). 

We have offices in a range of Asian jurisdictions as noted in the table below.  Our Singapore team has produced an article considering the tax issues associated with those considering Singapore as a location and for a possible acquisition (see here). 

KyrgystanLudimila Central AsiaTax Services – Mazars – Kyrgyzstan 
China (Beijing)Joey East AsiaTax – Mazars – China 
Hong KongMichael East AsiaTax  – Mazars – Hong Kong 
KoreaSam East AsiaTax Services – Mazars – Korea, The Republic of 
IndiaFalee South AsiaTaxation Services – Mazars – India 
India-MumbaiMehli South AsiaTaxation Services – Mazars – India 
PakistanHussaini South AsiaMazars – Pakistan 
IndonesiaJulia South-East Asia Tax – Mazars – Indonesia 
MalaysiaSau Lai South-East AsiaTax – Mazars – Malaysia 
SingaporeGene South-East AsiaTax Solutions | Mazars Singapore – Mazars – Singapore 
ThailandMartin South-East AsiaTax advisory services – Mazars – Thailand 
VietnamMinh South-East AsiaTax – Mazars – Vietnam 
AustraliaGaibrielle Cleary PacificMazars Tax Advisory – Mazars – Australia 
AustraliaJamie PacificMazars Tax Advisory – Mazars – Australia 
AustraliaNeil PacificMazars Tax Advisory – Mazars – Australia 
Australia (Melbourne)Evan Tax Advisory – Mazars – Australia 

For further information on our global tax practice, please see here